How to show Different Ads to Visitors from Different Countries

Most of your affiliate programs or banner exchanges will be catering to a region specific Audience.  Some Ad networks like Chitika is effective mostly in United States.  You might wish to promote Affiliate products in the US while delivering Adsense to the rest of the World.  Indian websites might prefer to show regional Ads to local audience and Adsense to the international audience.  Managing the Country specific Ads, coding in the region detection codes, switching Ads etc can be an overwhelming task even for a programmer.  With our new Geo Targeting mechanism you can control who see which Ads with just a few clicks.

This tutorial is written assuming you are trying to control the Ad Block above Post Content but easily extends to any other Ad block.

Step 1 : Open the corresponding Admin page in the Wp-Insert Admin area; In our case this Wp-Insert -> Manage Inpost Ads -> Ad – Above Post Content.

Step 2 : Open the Geo Targeting Tab.

Step 3 : You will see two options “Geo Targets” and “Ad Code”.  Advanced users can directly type in the Country Codes you want to target OR you can click the selector Icon to Display the “Countries Popup”.

Step 4 :Click the Plus button against the Countries you want and they will appear in the Left section.  You can also remove previously selected items by clicking the minus icon in the left section.  Click the OK icon when done to select the countries and hide the Popup.

Step 5 : Paste in your Ad Code for the specific regions in the Ad Code Box.

Step 6 : Click “Save Changes” to save and Apply the Changes.

You are now serving different Ads to Different audiences.  You will have to use a proxy server to see the actual Ads in action.