Change Log


  • Compatibility fixes for PHP 5.4
  • Added New Rule to Hide Ads on Mobile Devices
  • Added New Rule to Hide Ads for Logged in Users
  • Several Misc Bug Fixes


  • WP_PLUGIN_URL -> plugins_url() to take the SSL into account (Reported Here)
  • Category Filter to Ads on Single Posts (Reported Here and via several Email Requests)
  • Front End Edit area script overlap (Reported Here)
  • Bug on Posts Popup (Thanks to Mike Jason for reporting the issue and suggesting the fix)
  • Added “Save Wp-Insert” message in the right hand side sidebar on Admin pages
  • Several Misc Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated GEO IP database
  • Deeper Integration with Chitika


  • Bug Fixes
  • Added Rules to manage Ads on Custom Post Types
  • Removed Blog Offer Meta Box
  • Removed Clicksor from Recommended Ad Networks Links


  • Updated GEO IP database
  • Improved Upgrade Script (affects users upgrading from versions below 2.0)
  • Several Bug fixes removed hidden PHP warning messages in the Admin and Front End
  • Added Recommended Primary and Secondary Ad Networks Links
  • Performance Optimizations and Code Streamlining


  • Added Shortcode support to All Ad Fields
  • Removed depreciated PHP function split()
  • Added support for foreign characters in internal PopUps
  • Added Links and a User Directory Submission form to the Admin Area
  • Removed an additional space character from the default Privacy Policy


  • Updated GEO IP database
  • Updated GEO IP API
  • Added better error handling and notifications for GEO IP API


  • Rewritten Plugin Architecture.
  • Speed Improvements
  • New Widget API
  • Overhauled Rules system
  • New UI
  • Geo Targeting
  • More Widgets and Template Tags
  • More types of Legal pages.